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About Us

Our Story

Founded by those who love sport, community and fair competition. We at Fast Track are focused on achieving our best and giving back what we acquired on the journey. We think pushing yourself is a key life skill, and we want to share our knowledge with those that have the most to gain

Fast Track Difference

Our patented product has taken occurrence of soft tissue injuries from 19% down to below 1%. In addition to these impressive injury results, Fast Track has help facilitate a reduction of impact or collision injuries from as high as 17% to less than 2%. With these sorts of results Fast Track Athletes can produce world leading results

Soft Tissue Protection

Soft tissue injury rate reduced to under 1% of participants

Collision Injury Prevention

Collision injuries reduced to less than 2% of participants

Personal Best Output

Personal bests achieved by participants resulted in a greater tahn 80% increase

Proven Track Record

Parents unanimously love what we do with a 98% approval rating, while also managing this fraction of the cost of similar products. Watch the video for a brief demo