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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike a traditional physiotherapy approach the Fast Track program is prophylactic. This is in direct parallel to regular physiotherapy practices that are reactionary in nature and treat the patient after injury has occurred.

We do not aim to compete with traditional physiotherapists or other practitioners! More so we see ourselves as a highly useful intermediary step that can assist both the subject and the practitioner. Being practising physiotherapists ourselves we fully recognise and appreciate the importance of injury treatment and do not advocate for a mutually exclusive relationship. We do however aim for a strong partnership between both parties by offering all our prevention, screening and past medical history data to each participant to do with as they see fit.

Furthermore, we do not compete with your skills and strength coaches. Instead we tailor our advice and program to work in tandem with both.

The Fast Track program is literally a worldwide first in exercise prescription, injury prevention and performance enhancement. Over the past three years our innovative approach has been clinically proven and has successfully reduced both soft tissue injury from 19% to less than 1% and impact/collision based injury from 17% to 2%.

These results, while impressive, pale in significance when compared to our athletic crossover. This is best exemplified in over 80% of our participants recording personal bests through their involvement with Fast Track. These achievements were in the form of higher levels of competition or via physical tests with the average participant improving by 25% every six weeks.

Additionally, the Fast Track program is the only program to incorporate a strong multidisciplinary approach integrating nutritional content workshops, Psychology seminars and age specific anatomy, exercise and injury education all for far less than you would pay for even one of these services as a standalone deal.

Put simply the Fast Track program creates well rounded, highly self-sufficient, well-educated students, athletes and people.

The team at Fast Track are proud to offer two completely all expenses paid scholarships for participants at each school equal to the package selection of the schools choice. We suggest that applicants for this process present their cases for selection to the schools program coordinator.

Fast Track suggests any of the following payment strategies.

Full funding provided by parents of the program:
When utilising this option the college opts to divert all responsibility for payment of the program as well as incidentals directly onto parents of children involved in Fast Track Sport. This payment is accessible via EFT transfer only.

Private health catered partial funding with gap payments dependent on cover
When deciding on option 2 the college diverts responsibility for payment of the program & incidentals directly onto parents via the use of independently sourced private health care. Monetary gaps present in each individuals private health are then paid for out of pocket by parents of students associated with the program via EFT transfer.

Fund raised or faculty partial funding with private health cover split
Option 3 advocates for an even split of program costs between the college & parents of students with private health. Incidental item costs are then evenly divided amongst the two parties.

Full funding from the school or faculty
When utilising this option the college opts to pay for the entirety of the program, usually out of a preconceived applicable athletics/sporting budget. In utilising this option the college partaking in the program is also required to pay for incidental & additional deliverable items as they arise.

Funding provided from the school or faculty with deliverables payable by parents or private health
Option 5 enables the college to pay for the entirety of the program, usually out of a preconceived athletics budget. When picking option 5 however deliverables & additional or incidental items are covered by parents of students in the program either directly or via private health cover through EFT transfer.

Partial funding from the school or faculty & parents of the program with or without private health
Option 6 advocates for an even split of program costs between the college & parents of students via direct debit. Incidental item costs are then evenly divided amongst the two parties

All you are required to bring to your testing is yourself and a positive attitude. Appropriate, non- revealing clothing that you are comfortable exercising in is also required for all participants. For Students this usually involves a sports uniform.

Absolutely! There is absolutely no risk of injury whilst partaking in this screening process.

For larger groups of 30 plus 9-12 participants can be screened in each 15 minute time slot. For smaller cohorts of under 25 participants 2 at a time can be screened. These numbers are dictated in response to the total number of physiotherapists required to conduct the testing.

Only 10-15 minutes is required for the full battery of tests to be administered to each student.

We are a highly flexible team at Fast Track. So far in our time running the program we have conducted screenings during school hours as well as in the evenings post school. Following this, participants are allocated an appointment time in a 15 minute window. For large numbers of participants we do require three weeks advanced notice so that we can recruit enough hands and have the appropriate equipment at the ready.